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Samsung 85″ UHD Smart TV, Flip Pro with WMB Interactive Display LH85WMBWLGCXUE

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Samsung 85″ UHD Smart TV, Flip Pro with WMB Interactive Display LH85WMBWLGCXUE

Imagine a new era of learning

Samsung Flip 3 transforms the classroom through interactive learning experiences, giving educators the resources needed to create effective and modern lessons. With more software and connectivity options, and intuitive interaction features, Flip 3 creates engaging learning environments.

In a classroom, a teacher uses the Flip 3 to instruct students.

Unlock creativity with immersive touch technology

Advanced touchscreen technology

Ideate and create with interactive touchscreen technology. Sketch out ideas with a swift drawing speed of just 34ms of latency, or paint with real-world accuracy via 2,048 distinct pressure levels built directly into the display.

The Flip 3's pen and brush, with text reading Latency 34ms and Sensing level 2,048.

Create and solve without limits

Intuitive and natural drawing

Interactions are intuitively built for problem-solving and creating. Use any object near you to bring your ideas to life. Flip 3 distinguishes between inputs from thin or thick objects to simulate on-screen writing and highlighting, or simply erase content with your finger or palm.

Math formulas on the Flip 3’s screen, and showcasing the Passive pen, Highlighting and Flexible erasing functions.

Keep the screen clean

Antimicrobial coating

Thanks to an antimicrobial coating, Samsung Flip 3 inhibits microbial growth to help protect against certain bacteria. This enables teachers and students to stay focused on what’s on the screen with peace of mind.

* To perform its antibacterial function, this product has been treated with the biocidal substance Zinc Pyrithione.* Antibacterial property does not completely protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including COVID-19.* Antimicrobial Coating is on the surface of the screen only and the effect may vary depending on conditions of use.* Antibacterial certification: UL2282 which is granted when the antibacterial effectiveness is more than 99%. (Test method(JIS Z 2801): after inoculation of 0.4cc of liquid with bacteria(Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus) on specimen(5cm x 5cm), a sterilized film(4cm x 4cm) is adhered and left in a thermo-hygrostat with a relative humidity of 90% or more at 35°C for 24 hours, and then the efficiency of killing of the bacteria is measured / Test agency: FITI Test Research Institute)

 A glass-look shield protects the Flip 3 against viruses. There is a UL certification mark on the shield.

Minimise accidents and risks

Shatterproof protection

Samsung understands that accidents happen. To protect students and educators, the Flip 3 screen is wrapped in a proprietary shatterproof film, ensuring the screen stays intact in the event of a break.

 A film is floating on the Flip 3. The Flip 3’s display is shown remaining intact despite cracks, while others produce shards of glass.

Centralise lesson plans and school notifications

Open Pluggable Specification support

Use preferred third-party education solutions and connect to school information systems with the built-in OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot. Flip 3 is a centralized source for classroom learning and school-wide notifications such as principal announcements, weather alerts, and fire drills.

Icons move inwards around the Flip 3. An OPS slot is shown below.

Explore trusted educational solutions

Embedded learning resources

Samsung partnered closely with Boxlight, a leading US education solution provider, to deliver fully optimized and innovative education software* directly to Flip 3. Now, educators can access Boxlight’s extensive catalog of versatile learning content for hassle-free lesson planning.

Mimio Connect and Boxlight logos. Students take remote classes with classrooms connected by arrows using Mimio Connect, along with a efficient enablement, active learning and collaboration, real-time data and analytics, documentation icons.

* Accessible through a web browser shortcut. Full app availability to be available through a future software update. * Requires Boxlight registration and subscription to use this service.Laptops, tablets and mobile phones in front of the Flip 3 displaying the same content. There are icons for HDMI, USB, DP, Screen mirroring, WIN10 and OPS slots.